Great Agent

very friendly and flexible to deal with, received all necessary assistance during property purchase, upgrade/repair for rental, and smooth running with tenant. Highly recommended,

PareshkumarModi (buyer)

Great beautiful Agent

Our house was sold by Michelle and we are very happy with the officer we got. Michelle was very helpful in every way. Will chose her to be our sale agent again in future.

TuanTran3121 (vendor)

For the attention of Tony Tran, Principal

Dear Sir,

Yesterday, after numerous delays, the above property was finally settled. (The Contract of Sales was signed on 1/4/2017.)

As you are aware, this property was sold by Michelle Nguyen.

The purpose of this e-mail is to pay a compliment to Michelle. Not only did she do an excellent sales job, but she was most helpful in overcoming the many hurdles in our way to finally conclude this sale.

Always professional is the best way to describe her performance.


D. Meier / J. Cortis

D.MeierJ.Cortis (vendor)

Great experience

This is my first investment adventure in Brisbane. Good professionism is throughout the whole process. There is good transparency in the process of purchasing as well. The communication is effective and swift. Tony and joe has been very responsive to any questions that I might have. There is no usual agents tricks played. It is the trustworthy that valued the most. Highly recommends

PeiHuang (buyer)


Very professional in communications, trustworthy and helpful

Def45 (buyer)

Pleasant experience

Michelle was very helpful throughout the process and pleasant to deal with.

Huong6171 (vendor)